Visiting Nurse Services

There's No Place Like Home!

St. Mary's and Clearwater Valley Hospital & Clinics Visiting Nurse Services (VNS) provides medical care to patients in the comfort of their homes or places of residence, allowing them to remain comfortable and independent. VNS is used for both short and long-term conditions--for example, for treatment of an acute illness, chronic condition or permanent disability, or as a transition after hospitalization. Both patient and family members become active partners in the care, reducing stress and allowing patients to heal more quickly and less expensively than with other forms of care.

Our clinicians work closely with the physician to plan the patient's care and meet his or her individual needs, treating the "whole" patient, not just the symptom.

Visiting Nurse Services Eligibility:

To receive Visiting Nurse Services, patients need to:

Be homebound-you must be "homebound" on admission and during home treatment. You are considered homebound if you are unable to leave your home, if you can leave your home but only with considerable difficulty and or taxing effort, or if you leave your home infrequently and only for a short period of time ("note: you can leave your home for doctor appointments or religious services).
Require a skilled professional service
Be under the care of a licensed physician

Services Offered Through Visiting Nurse Service:

Assess blood pressure, pulse and respiratory status
Monitor nutrition, hydration, bowel and bladder function
Monitor and teach medication regimen and response to medication
Diabetic Teaching
Wound care / Dressing changes
Post surgical care
Catheter care/changes - urethral or supra pubic
Colostomy/ileostomy care
Bowel care
Draw blood samples
Pain and symptom management
IV Therapy

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