September 24, 2012

Eleven teams came out to play in the thirteenth annual Golf for Life Tournament for St. Mary's Hospital. "We sure lucked out; the weather was cooler and it wasn't as smoky as it had been in the past," commented Cheri Holthaus, Development Coordinator for St. Mary's Hospital. "We were a little worried that we were going to have to cancel the tournament due to poor air quality, but the wind came and cleared out some of the smoke, so it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been."

The tournament format was a four person scramble. The first place winners were Dr. Jack Secrest, Pat Hylton, Dr. Haley Minnehan and Charlie Walker. The second place team consisted of Dennis Tracy, Lynn Burton, Jeff Blackmer and Steve Frei. There was a tie for third place between the teams of Jim Church, Kevin Vopat, Jim Vopat and Chet Fergason and the team of Boyd Hopkins, Jerry Alley, Joaquin Lowe and David Greene.

Prizes were also given out for the men's and women's longest drives and putts. The winner of the men's longest drive was Charlie Walker, men's longest putt was Lynn Burton. Haley Minnehan had the longest drive for the women and Tova Clodouhos had the women's longest putt. Golfers could also enter a Tee Shot contest; for a $10 entry fee they could win $50 if they landed within ten feet of holes 9 and 18; Charles Walker, Brianne Bender, Chet Ferguson and Ernie Jennings all landed within the ten feet.

"I want to extend a special thank you to all the winning teams; each one donated their winnings back to the hospital," said Holthaus. "I am always amazed at how generous everyone is at these tournaments. I also want to thank the individual winners of the Tee Shot contest who donated their winnings back too, it is very much appreciated. At this point I do not have a final tally of what we cleared on this tournament, but it should be around $5500; this money will go into a fund to help with a remodel project for the emergency room. It may take several years to earn the money for this project, but this is a good start."

"I also want to thank Jim Church, Dennis Tracy, Dr. Jack Secrest, Shelli Schumacher and Janice Baldus for all their help with this tournament," replied Holthaus. "Without all their help this tournament would not have been nearly as successful, it certainly takes a good team to put on one of these tournaments. And last but not least I want to thank Scott and Judi Scribner for the wonderful tri-tip dinner and I can't forget the Grangeville Country Club and their employees for all their help."

Event sponsors for this tournament were Asker's Harvest Food, Life Flight Network and Essentia Health. Bud Saw Service supplied the side by side which was used for the traveling drink cart.