Blood Drive Falls Short of Goal

The Cottonwood Blood Drive goal of 90 fell short for the second time in a row; once again there were several factors that led to the short fall; illnesses, vacation, work schedules and several donors who had recently traveled out of the country. "However even with all that against us we still had 82 useable units, which is the same amount we got last time," commented co-chair Brenda Kaschmitter.

"I would like to give a special thanks to our first time donors; I understand that giving blood for the first time can be a scary experience so I really appreciate our first timers and hope they will become regular donors," said Cheri Holthaus co-chair. "Those who donated for the first time were; Tiffany Stinson, Cassidy Lockett, Rhonda Temes and Daun Hoene. I really like it when we get the high school students to donate; hopefully they will continue to donate throughout their lives. We also had several who received millstone pins; Theresa Shears and Kara Guyer both received 1 gallon pins, Denise Poxlietner and Lenore Forsman received their 2 gallon pins, and Sally Rehder receive her 9 gallon pin."

"Once again the success of our blood drive depends largely upon our volunteers," said Kaschmitter. "We honestly could not hold a blood drive without them. We would like to thank Marlene Jungert, Theresa Uptmor, Anna Gehring, Audrey Uhlenkott, Delores VonBargen, Sally Nuxoll, Sally Rehder, Stephanie Ruiz, Tiffany Stinson, Sue Sonnen and Starla Schumacher. With a special thanks to the VFW Post 491 for supplying a wonderful meal of spaghetti and meatballs for the Red Cross workers."

The next blood drive is scheduled for October 2nd; please contact Brenda Kaschmitter or Cheri Holthaus at 962-3251 if you would like to make an appointment.