St. Mary's Emergency Fund

December 10, 2012

Back in 1999 the St. Mary's Hospital Mission Committee under the direction of Sr. Stephanie Wardle set up an Emergency Fund to help our patients who are in most need. The money from this account is used for many purposes including; helping patients with travel expenses such as gasoline, lodging and food when they need to go elsewhere for treatment and cannot afford the additional costs. The funds are also used to help purchase clothes for patients if theirs become unusable due to an accident or other related situation, if the person has no other resources to obtain clothing. Medications are also purchased for patients sent home who are unable to purchase physician required prescriptions. Money is also used to help purchase Christmas gifts for the tags on the Angel Tree which are not taken. The Food Bank is also funded through this program.

"This past year was an unusually hard year for many of the SMH patients and families", commented Sr. Janet Barnard, past Mission Director for SMH. "A substantially large amount of money was distributed to many deserving patients which left the Emergency Fund slightly low on cash. We had some patients with very serious conditions that required them to travel to Spokane and/or Seattle for treatment. These patients did not have the funds needed for these trips and unless we stepped in to help they may not have been able to receive the treatment they needed."

Throughout the years this account has been financed through employee fund raising efforts and donations from the community. If you are looking for a charitable organization to donate to this Christmas Season, remember the St. Mary's Hospital Emergency Fund. If you would like to donate please send a check to St. Mary's Mission Committee, PO Box 137, Cottonwood, Idaho 83522. Any amount of donation would be appreciated.