St. Mary's Donor board is displayed

November 28, 2012

The new donor board for Mary's Hospital Foundation is now displayed on the wall going towards the chapel. This display board was a long time coming; many decisions had to be made on cost, location, type of board, etc. but those decisions were finally made and the board is complete. It is a tribute to the many people who have donated to the foundation over the years.

"I want to thank everyone whose name is on that board; St. Mary's is so lucky to have this many people who care about our facility," said Cheri Holthaus, Foundation Coordinator. "I also want to thank the foundation board for the many hours they spent discussing the board and taking the time to make sure we honored our donors in the proper way."

The current foundation donor data base system only goes back to 1995, if you donated prior to 1995 and would like your name on the board please contact Holthaus at 962-2327.